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Build your own cloud. Out-of-the-box, edge runtime compatible services for scalable, cost-effective architectures.

import { search } from "@workertown/search";
export default search();
// ⬆️ Production-ready search index REST API...
// It really is that simple!


What is Workertown?

Workertown is a suite of packages to deploy fully featured, production ready services on edge runtimes.

Each Workertown package provides a REST API, deployable to edge runtimes. They are all highly configurable when needed, but come with "batteries included", sensible defaults to make getting started a breeze.

Workertown provides...


Coming soon...

Kafka-like events streaming.

Feature flags made simple.



Easy file storage at the edge.



Simple key/value storage.

Pub Sub

Coming soon...

Webhook based system messaging.


Coming soon...

Distributed, prioritized task processing.



Full text search indexing for small to medium datasets.


Coming soon...

There are many more potential services in Workertown's future...


At Cloudmix, we're firm believers that getting to production should be frequent, easy and understandable - unhindered by hosting constraints, budget constraints or time constraints. So, we've built a suite of packages that do just that - provide a way to quickly deploy solutions for common architectural requirements.

All compatible with the edge.

Quick start

It's very easy to get started with Workertown.

Installing a package

All the Workertown packages are available to download via npm. They are all namespaced under @workertown/*. For example, to install the search package, run:

npm install @workertown/search

Creating a service

All Workertown service packages follow the same export pattern.

You can either import the default export:

import search from "@workertown/search";

...or the named export for the service:

import { search } from "@workertown/search";

...and then call the function to create the service:

const service = search();

...and that's it!

Check the docs!

Each Workertown service has a comprehensive list of options that can be passed when you create the service.

Read the docs for the service you're using to see what options are available.

Getting help

If there's any thing unclear within this documentation, or when you're using any of the Workertown packages, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Submit an issue

Found a bug? Head over to our Github repository and file an issue for us to take a look at - reproduction examples encouraged 🙏.


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