Design principles

If you're interested in working on the Workertown project, please have a quick read of this page.

Sensible defaults, advanced configuration

This is the key principle that guides the development of Workertown.

At Cloudmix, we believe that software should be entirely accessible, while providing well-designed ways to get out of the underlying opinions/decisions that we make.

Any and all changes to Workertown over time should provide a sensible default out-of-the-box (where applicable), and a straight-forward API to allow the user to configure the service to their needs. Nothing within the code should make an assumption without a way for that to be overridden completely.

Backwards compatible (until we absolutely can't)

We're committed to ensuring that Workertown is backwards compatible with previous versions. This means that we will never make a breaking change to Workertown without providing a migration path for existing users.

That does not mean we're not open to changing/updating APIs, it just means that any work done in this area should be done in a way that allows existing users to continue to use the old API, while new users can use the new API.

Over time, there will obviously be key moments where non-backwards compatible changes are required. When they do, we will introduce them alongside existing functionality under a new v2/v3/etc. endpoint on the service to make it clear that the new functionality is not backwards compatible.

Simplify where possible

If you spot something that could be simplified, please do so. We're always looking for ways to make Workertown easier to use. This means that we're open to consolidating repeated code/concepts, introducing new internal packages that can make the codebase more testable and easier to maintain, and anything else that can make Workertown easier to use in general.

Contributing Architecture guide

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