Core concepts


Workertown is built to provide RESTful APIs. The reasoning for this is quite simple - it is a common, easily documented paradigm that is edge runtime compatible. It really is as straight forward as that.

What is REST?

RESTful APIs are a standard for designing web services. They use HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to interact with resources (e.g., data) via URLs. These APIs are stateless, scalable, and widely used, enabling efficient communication between different systems and allowing easy integration with various applications.


Workertown services are designed to run at the edge, and as such, it is important that they support a communication protocol that is compatible with edge runtimes. As REST operates over HTTP, it is compatible with all edge runtimes without any additional dependencies or configuration.

OpenAPI (v3)

Since all Workertown services are RESTful APIs, they can be documented using OpenAPI v3. OpenAPI is a standard for describing RESTful APIs, and can be used by many tools to generate documentation, clients, and servers.

All Workertown services expose an OpenAPI v3 specification at the /open-api.json endpoint. The returned specification will reflect any configuration options that have been set for the service.

The public endpoint

The /open-api.json endpoint is served from the public endpoint of your Workertown service. If you customise the basePath or endpoints.public options of your service, this will change the path of URL that the OpenAPI specification is served from.

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