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Each Workertown package supports customising the routes of the service via an endpoints options. By default, all non-public endpoints are versioned behind a /v1 prefix to allow expansion/reimplementation of the API in the future while supporting backwards compatibility.

Customising endpoints

The endpoints option accepts an object with the following shape:

import { search } from "@workertown/search";

export default search({
  endpoints: {
    v1: {
      admin: "/v1/admin",
      // service specific endpoint options go here...
    public: "/",

The endpoints.v1.admin and endpoints.public options are available for all Workertown services.

The endpoints.public endpoint exposes any endpoint that does not require authentication, such as the /health health-check endpoint.

The endpoints.v1.admin endpoint exposes the admin operation endpoints for the service, such as the v1/admin/migrate endpoint.

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